DYSS X7 Digital Die Cutting and Finishing

The Ultimate Digital Die Cutting Machines

DYSS was founded in 1989 to produce high-quality screen printing machines and other specialised equipment. We are the sole supplier of these cutting machines in the UK and Ireland. We will supply, install, train and maintain your cutter with our experienced team of sales, support and field engineers.
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The DYSS X7 digital die cutting machine is

  • multi-functional
  • fast
  • precise
  • and robust enough to cope with a variety of media.
AG/CAD have a fully working demonstration model of the digital die cutting machine at their headquarters in Cheshire so customers can come and see the machine, run through what their needs are and and be shown just what the DYSS X7 is capable of. We will be able to demonstrate systems up to 2.6m wide, fully equipped with conveyorised bed for posters, banner and vinyl applications, and a very powerful 1KW router, oscillating knife, v knife, kiss cutting, creasing etc – it is a truly flexible digital die cutting system.

See the table below for the technical specification and performance of the DYSS X7 digital die cutting range.

Model X7-1624 X7-1630 X7-2216 X7-2230 XZ-2616 X7-2630
Speed Up to 1000mm/s or 60m/min depending on material and tool options
Acceleration Up to 5.6m/sec² (0.56G) Up to 5.m/s² (0.5G)
Material Clearance Up to 50mm (1.97 inch)
Cutting Depth Up to 25mm (1 inch)
Tool Force Upto 18kg per tool (40lbs)
Position Accuracy ± 150 µ (0.0059in.)
Repeatability ± 20 µ (0.0008in.)
Max. work area
(W x L)
1650 x 2450mm
65 x 96 in
1650 x 3050mm
65 x 120 in
2250 x 1650mm
89 x 65 in
2250 x 3050mm
89 x 120 in
2650 x 1650mm
104 x 65 in
2650 x 3050mm
104 x 120 in
Max. sheet size
(W x L)
1700 x 2800mm
67 x 110 in
1700 x 3400mm
67 x 134 in
2350 x 2000mm
93 x 79 in
2350 x 3400mm
93 x 134 in
2750 x 2000mm
108 x 79 in
2750 x 3400mm
108 x 134 in
(W x L)
2500 x 3250mm
100 x 128 in
2500 x 3890mm
100 x 153 in
3100 x 2450mm
122 x 96in
3100 x 3890mm
122 x 153 in
3500 x 2450mm
138 x 96 in
3500 x 3890mm
138 x 153 in
Construction Zero backlash belt drive, low-noise, with dust cover;
Welded heavy-duty base with hydraulic industrial honey comb vacuum;
High-precision AC servo system with 4 axis synchronous control
Interface Standard network connection via K-Cut® workstation PC;
Variable look-ahead vector control to optimize speed; Diagnostic function.
Options Touch -N-Go automatic tool leveling system, Sheet/board feeder, conveyor system with roll-off unit