DYSS X7 - Cutting edge digital die cutting and finishing for maximum productivity

Digital Die Cutting

With the growth of digital printing comes ever shorter production runs and faster delivery times, creating bottlenecks in the finishing department.

Sheet Feeder LoadingThe traditional use of cutters and the ‘knife’ for trimming and finishing becomes more costly with mistakes and reruns. This is time consuming and expensive; quality control becomes a problem under pressure. Finishing is the final component of the process and for many the last area where investment is made – the industry is changing. The new DYSS X7 Digital die cutting system will maximise your quality and productivity. Precise, efficient camera guided routing and cutting will automate your finishing, reducing mistakes and keeping labour down to the absolute minimum.

Efficient and Flexible

The X7 delivers the ability to handle all varieties of common display and new emerging materials. Whether you are cutting vinyl, textiles, papers, card or undertaking cardboard engineering with complex fold/crease/scoring patterns the X7 offers all effortlessly and efficiently.

The construction of the X7 is fundamental in the handling the 1Kw precision routing tool. It provides a stable base and platform for long-term performance. Without this stability, long-term problems emerge with expensive failed routers and tools. The X7 is world class when it comes to speed and accuracy. It stands alone in construction and strength as a sound investment for today and the future.

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The rapid growth in the number of digital printing systems has led to an increase in the demand for finishing graphics. Whether they are: applied, laminated or printed directly onto the substrate; whether the substrate itself is rigid or flexible; or in sheets or rolls; all digitally printed graphics need to be contour cut or trimmed.

The trend towards just-in-time production and shorter runs and a greater variety of substrates makes traditional die cutting methods and manual cutting inefficient or even obsolete. The DYSS system delivers exactly the eficiency and material flexibility that you need.

The cnc cutter marketplace demands even shorter turnaround times and consistently high quality levels all at an affordable cost. At the same time, an ever growing need exists for customisation and individuality in design and materials. Only a highly efficient, flexible and versatile production method can satisfy this complex set of demands.