DYSS X9 - Ultra Performance Digital Cutters for Maximum Productivity

Sheet Feeder LoadingThe X9 has been designed for applications where production speed is paramount.  The X9 has the same functionality and tooling as the X7 range, but with an innovative and revolutionary motion control system that gives ultimate power and performance, while retaining control and accuracy even on the finest detail.
The ground-breaking motion system on the X9 allows it to excel in precision and detail. If you don’t want to compromise the X9 is the machine for you - ultrafast, powerful and fine control all in one impressive package.

Powerful and Accurate

Manufactured in South Korea using state-of-the art technology, the DYSS X9 range is built to exacting standards, giving unrivalled quality, reliability and phenomenal performance.

Sheet Feeder LoadingThe X9 Digital Cutter range offers fast, accurate, vision-enabled CNC routing and knife cutting, automating your finishing, eliminating costly mistakes, and reducing your labour costs. X9 machines are perfectly designed to run alongside digital printers from HP, Canon Océ, Fuji, EFI Vutek, Inktec Jetrix, Screen Inca & Truepress, Mtex, Agfa, and Mimaki amongst others catering for most sheet and roll printing capabilities, with sizes available to handle 8’x’4 or 10’x5’ boards, and further options up to a massive 3.2m wide.

The X9’s high specification CNC router can profile cut rigid materials with ease, making light work of acrylic, Dibond, rigid PVC, etc. With its additional twin slots for knife and creasing tools it can handle even more diverse materials, kiss-cutting adhesive backed vinyl, through-cutting and scoring displayboard card, magnetic foil, correx, corrugated, honeycomb, foamcore, etc., and with the heavy duty knife even rigid styrene and 5mm PVC can be knife cut without mess or dust. A tape applicator tool is even available allowing double-sided tape to be placed accurately onto a variety of media so the finished cut product is immediately ready for assembling.

For increased productivity, various automation features are available. With options from a simple offload area where the operator can strip cut parts safely while the machine continues the next job, to semi automated sheet feeding, through to a completely automated feeder and unloader that can process a full stack of sheets. An integrated tool calibration sensor accurately measures cutter protrusion making sure you are cutting to the correct depth every time. This helps avoid costly mistakes caused by cutting too deeply using an uncalibrated tool.

Why contract out your profile cutting when you can do it yourself on a DYSS X9? With the ability to maintain full control of all aspects of your jobs, reduce turnaround times and save considerably on costs and labour, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without your X9.

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